This is how spectacular Xiaomi s new Game Turbo mode will look

Game Turbo is a practical MIUI functionality that allows you to enjoy maximum power from the device's CPU and GPU , while improving its performance while we play. Now Xiaomi seeks to give a new look to the interface of this tool, and for this, it has designed a survey for users to choose the design of their preference .

Participant for the new Game Turbo interface

Through the following link , MIUI users will be able to choose the next Game Turbo interface. Of course, before participating, keep in mind that the survey is in Chinese . Each of the candidates in this race shows how much the appearance of Game Turbo is going to be modernized.

The buttons change slightly, as do the headers and colors. Some models present striking tones, while others opt for graphic details that make a noticeable difference at a visual level . For example, you can find frames on the sides, bright borders, and backgrounds with silhouettes or designs.

New proposal for the Game Turbo interface

Of course, not all options have the same color. We have blue, purple, white, and other alternatives with gradient colors that create a stylish environment . If you want to support one of the participating designs, don't hesitate to take the MIUI survey.

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