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Redmi Router AX3000, a new and inexpensive router with WiFi 6 technology

Xiaomi continues to expand its router catalog and this time it does so with the new Redmi Router AX3000 , a new variant of the Redmi Router AX5 capable of theoretically reaching 3,000Mbps through its wireless connection.

In detail, this new Redmi AX300 is presented as yet another alternative for those looking to make the leap to WiFi 6 without spending too much on it. That if, despite being an inexpensive router, inside we find a quad-core processor manufactured by Qualcomm and a memory of 256MB .

Xiaomi Redmi AX3000: WiFi 6 with OFDMA, Mesh technology and MU-MIMO support

Compared to other routers, the new Redmi AX3000 is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 3,000Mbps . To achieve this, it makes use of the benefits of the WiFi 6 standard, combining the two bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz, until it reaches this considerable speed.

Redmi Router AX3000, un nuevo y económico router con tecnología WiFi 6. Noticias Xiaomi A

In addition, we are facing a router with support for Mesh networks . Thanks to this, we can combine several routers in order to expand WiFi coverage in any corner of our home through the wireless linking of these.

Beyond that, this new router incorporates OFDMA , a multiplexing technology capable of transmitting several signals in one. The rest we have a router equipped with Beamforming , WPA 3 encryption, BSS Coloring and Xiaomi Easy Connect technology that will facilitate its configuration.

Price and availability

The price of this new Redmi Router AX3000 is just 249 yuan, about 31 euros to change. Without a doubt, a really attractive price that for now we can only buy in China or through platforms such as AliExpress.

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