Xiaomi promotes the protection of the privacy and security of users

Under the motto «Safety is our shared responsibility. Always think before you act ", Xiaomi, today concluded its Security and Privacy Awareness Month aimed at the end user of MIUI and the different products of the firm.

For the second consecutive year, the entity has dedicated the month of June to promoting, through a comprehensive program , reflection on the importance of security and the protection of privacy among the firm's employees, sector executives, industry experts and global society.

Cui Baoqiu, Xiaomi vice president and president of the company's Security and Privacy Committee, said: " As a leading manufacturer of Android smartphones, we have a great responsibility. We are committed to letting consumers know how their personal information is collected, used and protected . We pride ourselves on solidly meeting global standards . "

The Xiaomi Security Academy

In this year's program, activities such as the Xiaomi Security Academy classes or the IAPP certified instructors sessions given to employees have been highlighted; the Xiaomi Cup CTF competition, which offered thousands of engineers the opportunity to act as hackers and participate in a coding competition to solve privacy challenges; or the publication of the MIUI Privacy White Paper and the Xiaomi loT Privacy White Paper ( trust.mi.com ).

Xiaomi impulsa la protección de la privacidad y la seguridad de los usuarios. Noticias Xiaomi A

Additionally, the technology company integrated other relevant actors for the development of panels and talks on topics such as IoT security or privacy protection. Participants included Margaret Honda , IAPP's director of global research; Brad Ree , CTO of ioXt; David Mudd , director of global certification for digital products at BSI; Scott Roberts , director of Android security assurance at Google; Richard Watson , APAC Senior Cybersecurity Risk Management Partner at EY; o Paul Breitbarth , Director of Global Policy and EU Strategy at TrustArc.

During the meetings, these experts pointed to different insights on how consumers expect their data to be collected and stored safely. As they pointed out, the most important factors when sharing personal data with an organization are secure collection and storage processes (63%), control over the data that is shared (57%) and trust (51%).

In this way, participants received advice on the international transfer of user data or the importance of data exporters ensuring an essentially equivalent level of data protection by adhering to international laws and taking other verifiable actions, among others.

The entry Xiaomi promotes the protection of the privacy and security of users was first published in xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


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