Xiaomi promises to improve MIUI updates and bring more products to the Global market

A few days ago, the MIUIes team launched dearxiaomi.com , a portal in the form of a letter addressed to Xiaomi executives, where the current concern about the lack of support for the MIUI Global ROM was exposed , as well as other constructive criticisms.

Just a few days later, the MIUI team has responded to this request through Mi Community . A broad statement, where not only Xiaomi is committed to improving the situation, but also to bringing more products to the Global market .

In itself, the answer, translated into Spanish, has been the following:

Dear My Fans,

We are the Global MIUI team and we are deeply moved to receive your letter. In the letter, you brought us back to 2010, when Xiaomi had just started this incredible journey together with our Mi Fans. For us, it is not just a fond memory, it is our vision and commitment to provide amazing products with honest prices for everyone in the world to enjoy a better life through innovative technology. And to this day, we remain true to our commitment and to our users.

Being part of the global innovation community, Xiaomi is still at an early stage where patience and support is needed from all of our global Mi Fans who have been with us from the beginning. After we discussed the sincere suggestions and humble requests in the letter in detail, we would like to share the following with all of you as our first step in syncing up with you on our global market plans and providing stronger global support.

Giving greater support to global markets is our commitment

In the letter, the number of devices is mentioned as part of the complaint. Our initial plan is to enthusiastically share our latest innovations with users and offer them a variety of options that meet different preferences. That said, we fully recognize that stronger global support is required to keep up with our rapidly growing global user base, specifically in terms of local testing resources, local customer service support, and feedback channels. We have made sure these messages are clearly delivered to the relevant teams and please be patient with us as it takes time to make the changes.

The lack of support ultimately reflects the fact that improvements are required for both products and services. In recognition of that, we have developed MIUI 12.5 with the focus solely on optimization. We understand that customization will only be appreciated on the basis of a smooth and stable system experience; We will also stay true to this in our future product developments. It requires systematic efforts to continually optimize the system experience, and it takes time to implement updates on a device-by-device basis. Once again, we will have to ask our dear users to bear with us.

Global ROM and China ROM are different by design

We are aware that our Mi Fans have different questions and opinions regarding the differences between global and China ROMs. It is not a treatment differentiation, but a product-by-design strategy. As a global innovator, understanding the complexity and diversity of global markets is an ongoing challenge. Compared to our local market with which we are relatively more familiar, a relatively conservative product approach has been taken when it comes to global markets.

As our global markets continue to grow thanks to the support of our Mi Fans and global users, we have gradually better understood the preferences and needs of our users. We think it might be time to start exploring more possibilities with our global ROM to better meet the needs of our global users.

We will bring more products and services from the Xiaomi ecosystem

On August 16, 2010, the first version of MIUI was officially released. MIUI is Xiaomi's first product and we have come a long way since then. We have brought our ecosystem products to global markets alongside smartphones to make quality technology accessible to everyone. There is no greater joy in seeing our global Mi Fans request access to more ecosystem products, prompting us to continue to strengthen our global supply chain and product lines to bring more products to our global Mi Fans and users.

MIUI is developed on the basis of the Android operating system, but it offers users many more useful customizations and functions. Beyond that, we also offer Google services on the MIUI system in some regions. It is an alternative for some users who prefer Google products that provide similar experiences to the native Android experience. We appreciate your love for the original MIUI features and we are speeding up to make them accessible to more users in different regions.

We look forward to sharing more updates with you and receiving your continued feedback at the same time.

Sincerely, MIUI Global

As we can read, the MIUI team promises to give greater support to the development of MIUI for our market , explaining in turn why the ROM directed to China is so different from the Global one.

Xiaomi responde a la petición de que se mejore el soporte de MIUI. Noticias Xiaomi A

In addition, Xiaomi is also committed to bringing more products to the international market although this in itself will be somewhat more difficult and slow to carry out. Let's not forget that Xiaomi is only an assembler, so a large part of its products are manufactured by other brands.

In summary, we are glad that Xiaomi has taken the time to read and answer this request made by MIUIes on behalf of all Mi Fans , as well as all those who have signed this request. Now we have to see if the promises are carried out.

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