Xiaomi prepares a new TOP mobile with the Snapdragon 888+ and 200MP camera

Xiaomi seems to be planning to launch a new TOP smartphone or so at least the renowned Digital Chat Station assures it, who has published on its social networks the arrival of a new device by the Chinese company equipping the latest technology.

According to this renowned leaker, Xiaomi would be preparing a new smartphone equipped with the recently presented Snapdragon 888+ , thus positioning itself at the top of performance rankings such as those of AnTuTu.

In addition, this new smartphone would bring with it a camera of no less than 200MP , a resolution of the most overwhelming that would not contribute beyond a better photo quality, a possibility of zooming never seen before.

Xiaomi prepara un nuevo móvil TOP con el Snapdragon 888+ y cámara de 200MP. Noticias Xiaomi A

At the moment it is unknown what device it could be, although everything indicates that it could be the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 or even the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra . In the same way, this would arrive at the end of the year , thus coinciding with the debut of a large part of the next generations of Xiaomi smartphones.

In short, Xiaomi's next high-end smartphone promises a lot . This time, Xiaomi seems to go for it all, incorporating the latest in technology, not only in photography and processing, but also in fast charging according to the latest rumors.

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