Xiaomi is looking for new suggestions for MIUI: send your proposal

MIUI has become one of the most complete customization layers in the Android landscape, not only to the ideas promoted by Xiaomi, but also, thanks to all those suggestions that users have been contributing in recent years.

In order to know the proposals of its Mi Fans, Xiaomi has opened a new form in which we can leave our proposals and suggestions for the next versions of the MIUI Global ROM.

In addition, from this form published through My Community , we will be able to record the most important MIUI errors so that the development team can focus on them, giving them total priority.

Xiaomi is looking for new suggestions for MIUI: you can now send your proposal. News Xiaomi

It should be noted that before sharing any suggestions for correcting errors, it is convenient to have reported said error through the Comments option . If you still don't know how to do it, in this guide we tell you how.

Beyond this, Xiaomi has started a small survey through which we can record which phone applications and messages we prefer; those of Google or those developed by Xiaomi . To vote, you can do it from this link .

More information at : My Community

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  1. Hello Xiaomi ,
    I wanna ask where I can propose the idea that i have , and thank you

    1. Hello Xiaomi,
      I am also facing overheat and lagging whille i am playing a game so i want a game turbo mode in Redmi12c please fix that in next software update thank you.

  2. Hello!!
    I have a suggestion, plz improve that!!
    I can't Hide GOOGLE PAY app in redmi note 10s device!!

  3. I have suggestion releted to UI in specific control centre
    Option for settings in control centre is sandwiched in between icon to edit control centre and icon for calender which creates trouble something and ruin the experience to get fast access to settings via control centre as you have to slow down so you won't press edit icon.
    For peoples (mostly males) with broad fingers it might be significant troublesome issue .
    My suggestion is please remove other icons from vicinity of settings
    So place that icon somewhere else or like in other versions of UI
    Please solve this issue or misplacement of icon for improving control centre experience

  4. While searching for Phone numbers in call log the number stored 2nd in the Contacts shows up 1st and the default 1st number comes below. This results in calling the not preferred number always.
    Please correct that

  5. Appreciations!

    On my 12T Pro phone, I have about 300 apps installed - now imagine the "Share via..." menu, with only a single line of app icons for more than 100 apps, as it is in the MIUI... all other versions of Android use a big scrollable window for the list of apps, only MIUI uses one single line that you have to scroll like crazy. Please do something about it.

    All the best!

  6. I am using headphones with independent amplification and miui tells me that I am listening too loud and lowers the volume on its own, but on my headphones the volume is low, please leave me alone.

    1. I am also facing overheat and lagging please solve that xiaomi team and i also want game turbo mode in remi12C so please fix that

  7. I have a suggestion.
    This is a gesture based that xiaomi users will find it useful. Please give gesture shortcuts to go to apps from lockscreen. By gesture I mean drawing alphabets on lockscreen. For example drawing letter 'C' on lockscreen opens the camera app. This feature would be of great uae for users who likes and want to do everything fast.

  8. Can you add options to hide 'AM' and 'PM' to the time? Im kind of not interested with it 😅z thanks

  9. Please add an option to blur the control centre.

  10. Could you remove the "hide keyboard" button when typing as it pushes up the screen. It is inconvenient for me to turn off the full screen indicator because of how responsive it is to any actions.

  11. Turn off fast charging when overheating


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