Xiaomi and Marvel come together for the premiere of the film Black Widow (Black Widow)

Xiaomi has announced its new agreement with Marvel Studios for the launch of the film « Black Widow «, a new premiere from the Marvel factory that will be released in theaters and on Disney + on July 9.

As a result of this new collaboration, Xiaomi will carry out a joint multi-channel marketing campaign with Marvel to celebrate the premiere of the film and showcase the key features of its smartphone catalog under the Mi 11 Series .

Inspired by the superhero from the movie Black Widow, this collaboration honors how Xiaomi's Mi 11 Series can bring the power of the cinematic experience to users with some of the most impressive specs on the market.

Xiaomi y Marvel se unen para el estreno de la película Viuda Negra (Black Widow). Noticias Xiaomi A

The campaign will feature creative content with a presence abroad, digital channels and social networks and will take place in seven European countries coinciding with the official launch of this new Marvel film in July.

Borja Gomez-Carrillo Alonso , Xiaomi's country manager in Spain , says: "Marvel Studios has entertained millions of movie lovers with the diversity and depth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For our part, we see that the characteristics of our Mi 11 series fit perfectly with the traits of the Black Widow character: strong, intelligent and elegant; so it's a perfect match. "

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