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What is the first thing to do if your Xiaomi gets wet: tips and tricks

Currently our Xiaomi mobile device spends much of the day with us, even while we wash or are in the shower. Therefore it is vulnerable to getting wet or falling into water .

Accidents can happen at any time. The mobile can fall into the pool, or into the toilet. It can also slip from our hands and end up in the sink, in a puddle, or be affected by a heavy rain. In any case, the failures of a wet mobile can be a big problem .

However, there is a lot you can do before you write it off. If you've wondered what is the first thing to do if your Xiaomi gets wet , then keep reading. In this article we have for the answers you are looking for.

What faults can appear in your Xiaomi after wetting it

Xiaomi devices are quite reliable equipment and offer good features. However, these are not exempt from damage when wet . Of course, there are exceptions like the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and the Mi 11 Ultra . Device that is IP68 certified that allows you to submerge in water.

Qué es lo primero que debes hacer si tu Xiaomi se moja. Noticias Xiaomi A

Other devices such as the Xiaomi Mi 8 or the Redmi Note 9 , among many others, simply have some protection against splashes . This means that a fall into the water could be detrimental to these models.

The most common problems that a wet Xiaomi mobile can present are:

  • Sensor malfunction
  • Partial or total loss of sound
  • Speaker deterioration
  • Black screen or disabled
  • Unable to turn on the mobile
  • Intermittent and constant shutdown
  • The touch pad stops responding
  • Loss of camera quality

When a mobile device falls into water, the most vulnerable places are the camera, microphone, speaker, charging port, and the under-glass section of the screen. Although water can also affect other internal areas .

What to do if the mobile has fallen into the water?

The damage that a wet Xiaomi device can receive is directly proportional to the exposure time. That is, the more time you spend in the water, the worse the damage will be. Many people panic, or remain in shock when this happens. However, you have to act quickly and without losing your cool .

1. Remove it from the water

It may be obvious but the first thing you should do is remove it as quickly as you can from the water. If your Xiaomi still remains on after the fall, we recommend turning it off . Moisture can cause a short circuit that exacerbates internal damage.

2. Remove all its removable components

What is the first thing to do if your Xiaomi gets wet. News Xiaomi

Open all the slots of the mobile and remove the SIM card and the MicroSD card. These items are a bit more resistant to water , so just dry them gently with a towel or cloth.

On the other hand, it is convenient to dry the USB charging port and avoid connecting it to the electrical outlet . Likewise, although the vast majority of current devices do not have removable batteries. However, if your mobile is an old model, then also remove the battery and proceed to dry it with a cloth or soft cloth.

3. Extract all the moisture you can

Use towels, tissues, or napkins to dry your mobile device. If the model is not easy to disassemble, do not try to open it. Try not to shake the mobile so that the water cannot move to other areas. If it is within your reach, use a vacuum cleaner or air compressor to remove any water deposits that have formed.

4. Use rice or some other highly absorbent material

Qué es lo primero que debes hacer si tu Xiaomi se moja. Noticias Xiaomi A

Take an airtight bag or bowl and proceed to fill it with uncooked rice. This cereal is quite known for being very absorbent . Therefore it is ideal for removing remaining water from wet devices. Then, lightly shake the bag every so often so that any remaining moisture is absorbed by the rice. You can also put the bag or bowl in the refrigerator. If you find it necessary to change the rice, do so.

There is no exact estimate on how long the mobile should stay in the rice. However, many recommend leaving it for at least a whole night . Subsequently, remove the device from the rice and place it on an absorbent plate.

If it looks very humid, it is necessary to leave the mobile another night in the bag with rice. On the contrary, if the napkin remains dry, insert the SIM and MicroSD card again to test the device.

5. MIUI tools to remove water drops from the speaker

If your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO ends up turning on, the next step will be to remove any trace of moisture or small drops of water from your speaker . For this we recommend you follow this guide where we tell you how to use the « Clean speaker « tool.

Consult the technical service

The recovery of a wet Xiaomi mobile is quite complex. In some cases it can turn on and run smoothly. Although there is the possibility of long-term failure . On the other hand, if it doesn't turn on despite being completely dry, try charging the battery. If it does not load, it is very likely that it is damaged.

In any case, it is best to take the device to your trusted technical service for a look. They will be able to give you a more complete picture and advise you on this. In Spain, Xiaomi has the following means to contact us:

  • Web chat : www.mi.com/es/
  • Xiaomi Customer Service Telephone : 900 128 128, Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)

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