The Redmi 9 begins to receive its first version of Android 11 in Europe

Beyond deploying MIUI 12.5 , Xiaomi seems not to have forgotten about the update to Android 11 in its cheaper smartphones , this time reaching one of its cheapest smartphones.

Specifically, the Redmi 9 has begun to receive its first update to Android 11 through the MIUI European ROM , that is, the one known as EEA or EU, installed on devices sold directly on the European continent.

To be exact, this is the V12.0.1.0.RJC EUXM update and it occupies a total of 2.1GB . After that, all that remains is for Xiaomi to bring MIUI 12.5 to Redmi 9, probably starting next July , along with the second phase of deployment of this new version of MIUI.

El Redmi 9 comienza a recibir Android 11 en Europa. Noticias Xiaomi A

It should be noted that the Global variant of the Redmi 9 had already received Android 11 previously , so all that was left to update all those terminals under the European ROM.

And remember, before carrying out an important update like this one, it is convenient to make a backup copy of all the important data stored in your Redmi 9. Also, it is recommended to start the update with the device connected to the electrical outlet or with a high battery percentage.

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