Smartmi, the home appliance brand of the Xiaomi ecosystem, arrives in Spain

Within the Xiaomi product ecosystem we find a wide variety of brands. Among these, today we have to talk about Smartmi , a manufacturer of household appliances and especially air purifiers and fans , which officially disembarks in Spain today.

With an aesthetic very similar to Xiaomi's own products and in general, a great quality / price ratio , Smartmi arrives in Spain with five of its products ; two fans, two air purifiers and a humidifier.

Although the variety of products that land beyond the Chinese borders is somewhat reduced, little by little Smartmi will bring part of its extensive catalog of household appliances as they adapt to European regulations and obligations.

It is not Xiaomi but it is compatible with its ecosystem

Smartmi, la marca de electrodomésticos del ecosistema Xiaomi, llega a España. Noticias Xiaomi A

It should be noted that Smartmi is not Xiaomi, nor is it a sub-brand . Even so, it is true that a large part of its products are compatible with the Xiaomi ecosystem , that is, they are compatible with the Xiaomi Home platform.

As we said, Smartmi disembarks internationally with five of its products that we can already consult through its new Global Website . Among these we find:

  • Smartmi Air Purifier : $ 219.99
  • Smartmi Air Purifier P1 : $ 179.99
  • Smartmi Evaporative AHumidifier : $ 109.99
  • Smartmi Standing Fan 2S : $ 129.99
  • Smartmi Standing Fan 3 : $ 139.99

At the moment only the price of these products is known in dollars, although it is expected that a section for Spain will be enabled shortly , thus adjusting the prices to euros. Likewise, it is expected that new products will begin to arrive in the coming months.

The entry Smartmi, the brand of home appliances of the Xiaomi ecosystem, arrives in Spain was published first in xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


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