Now it will be more difficult for the photos and videos of your Xiaomi to be deleted by mistake

The MIUI development team has announced the implementation of a new protection system. Now it will be much more difficult to mistakenly delete photos and / or videos from our Xiaomi gallery or for other applications to do so.

Currently there are a wide variety of applications that require access to our gallery . Among them we find editors and other applications such as Google Photos that are still used by many.

The latter in particular has a space release system capable of eliminating all those photographs and videos that a priori are uploaded to the cloud . Of course, like everything else, this functionality can fail, mistakenly deleting important photos and videos from the internal storage and the microSD.

Ahora será más dificil que las fotografías y vídeos de tu Xiaomi se borren por error. Noticias Xiaomi A
MIUI development team post on Weibo.

In view of this, Xiaomi has implemented in MIUI a new way to avoid this type of errors, notifying the user and requiring their authorization each time a third-party application is going to delete or delete a photo or video from the gallery.

In short, a very interesting extra functionality that can save us from quite important scares . Even so, for now it has not been implemented in the official MIUI ROM, so it may be part of the MIUI 13 news.

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