MIUI will allow to mute the effect of the loading animation separately

Xiaomi has set out to improve the most basic functions of MIUI. Although, a few days ago we saw it through the Gallery application , today it was the turn of the customization of sounds , improving the fact of silencing certain aspects of MIUI.

Through the latest Closed Beta of MIUI 12.5, Xiaomi has introduced a new setting in MIUI that allows us to enable or disable the sound of the charging animation , that is, the one that is played when plugging in or unplugging our smartphone from the electrical outlet .

In this way MIUI becomes more customizable in order to enable only those sounds that interest us . Beyond silencing the entire device, we can disable only those effects that we do not want to be reproduced, such as the loading animation.

MIUI permitirá silenciar el efecto de la animación de carga por separado. Noticias Xiaomi A

It should be noted that this new option is only available through the MIUI Closed Beta for the Chinese ROM, so it will still take a long time to see it through the Global ROM. Even so, if you decide to try Xiaomi.EU you will be able to try these news before its official launch.

In addition, it is very likely that all these news that we are seeing through the MIUI Closed Beta will reach our market together with MIUI 13 , a new version that we could see officially debut at the end of the year.

The MIUI entry will allow to mute the effect of the charging animation separately, it was first published in xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


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