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It s that simple to remove people from your photos with the new MIUI tool

With the arrival of the latest updates, Xiaomi has expanded the MIUI functionalities. Without the need to install third-party applications, the Gallery has become a complete multimedia editor , even allowing us to automatically remove people from practically any photograph.

Thanks to the delete tool, deleting people or objects has become a much easier task. Although, before we had to "colorize" the area to be eliminated, now everything is done in an automated way , recognizing the people in a photograph using artificial intelligence.

In this way, the application itself is capable of recognizing the silhouette of people in a photograph , allowing us to separately erase each of these and embed a background in its place according to the rest of the image that we are editing.

How to use the «delete people» tool on your Xiaomi

Así de simple es eliminar personas de tus fotos con la nueva herramienta de MIUI. Noticias Xiaomi A

To use the "remove people" tool from the MIUI Gallery, we just have to carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to the Gallery and access the photo to edit.
  2. Once we have opened the photograph, we just have to click on the edit icon
  3. After that we will access the « Delete « section

In this way, if we click on «delete people», the application will automatically detect all the recognizable subjects in the photograph . After that, all you have to do is click on the person to delete and then delete them using the cross icon.

As we are used to by Xiaomi, this functionality is not available for all its smartphones . The compatible ones do not follow any rules although you can manually download the latest update of the Gallery appfrom this link .

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