Huami becomes the fourth largest smartwatch manufacturer in the world

Huami, the company that many of us know thanks to Xiaomi, has managed to position itself, for the first time in history, as the fourth largest manufacturer of smart watches in the world , all thanks to its Amazfit and Zepp product lines .

In the last year, Amazfit watches have become very popular. This has been possible thanks to the great quality / price ratio of these , offering quality products at a fairly reasonable and affordable price for practically any pocket.

This success has led Huami to become the fourth largest manufacturer in the world, only behind other brands such as Apple, Samsung or Huawei . In addition, according to the latest market study, Huami is positioned as the best-selling smartwatch brand in countries such as Russia, Spain or Brazil.

Huami se convierte en el cuarto mayor fabricante de relojes inteligentes del mundo. Noticias Xiaomi A

And beware, Huami seems to have no brakes. So far this year, that is, throughout the first quarter of 2021, the company has managed to accumulate sales of more than 1.65 million units . This in turn represents a year-on-year growth of 68.8%.

Likewise, as a curious fact, it should be noted that Huami has always been in charge of manufacturing the Xiaomi Mi Band . Just as ZMI develops portable batteries for Xiaomi, Huami is responsible for these smart bracelets that are so popular practically all over the world.

The entry Huami becomes the fourth largest manufacturer of smart watches in the world was first published on xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


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