How to synchronize the notes of your Xiaomi and access from any device or computer

Among the wide variety of native applications that MIUI integrates, we find Notes , a fairly fast and simple way to record small annotations that we can also synchronize with the Xiaomi cloud so that they are never lost and also access from any other device

Thanks to Xiaomi Cloud we can safeguard all the notes registered in the Notes application and also access them from any other Xiaomi device that is linked to our same Mi account.

In addition, once we have synchronized the notes of our Xiaomi we can access them from a computer , all thanks to the Xiaomi Cloud Web portal from which we can view, edit or even create new ones and thus improve our productivity.

How to sync your Xiaomi notes with the cloud

Cómo sincronizar las notas de tu Xiaomi y acceder desde cualquier dispositivo u ordenador. Noticias Xiaomi A

To synchronize the Notes application of your Xiaomi with the Mi Cloud, we will only have to access Settings> Mi Account> Xiaomi Cloud . Once inside, it will be enough to activate the synchronization of the Notes, as well as any other content that we want to safeguard.

In this way, the notes will be synchronized between all those Xiaomi devices that we have linked to the same account . In addition, from we can access and manage them from any computer.

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