{Disarmed} The latest MIUI news will make you want to change the ROM of your Xiaomi

As many of you will know, the Global version of MIUI is nothing more than a "lite" variant of everything that the MIUI Chinese ROM offers . That is why many decide to choose to install the Xiaomi.EU Custom ROM on their smartphones in order to enjoy all the latest news

This apparently could change shortly, probably with the arrival of MIUI 13, since as revealed to us from XIAOMIUI , Xiaomi has begun to implement a great variety of languages ​​in the Chinese ROM of MIUI .

As we can see in the following video, the latest MIUI Closed Beta adds a wide variety of languages, including Spanish . A very important novelty that will surely make more than one go to the China ROM.

And it is that, the original version of MIUI adds a great variety of functionalities that have never seen the light in the Global version. An example of this are the new animations of MIUI 12.5 or even the semi-desktop mode, MIUI + .

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In short, Xiaomi seems to be preparing a large number of news for the launch of MIUI 13 , not only with the multilanguage support for the Chinese ROM, but also the expansion of RAM or the new battery saving modes that we have seen these days.

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