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Google s Pixel Tablet may have appeared at FCC

A new Google device surfaced at the FCC today that could well be the upcoming Pixel Tablet. At the FCC, the tablet appeared under Google's ID as A4RGTU8P. However, A4RGTU8P is not the model number of the upcoming Google Pixel tablet. This device is listed as "Wireless Device", which is a fairly generic description. Nowhere in these documents is it referred to as a tablet. The device supports Bluetooth LE, WiFi 6 and UWB. While that's not the most concrete proof that this is actually the Pixel Tablet, what else could it be? Sources): FCC The post Google's Pixel Tablet may have appeared at FCC appeared first on xiaomist's blog .

The latest from Xiaomi is this smart RGB lamp for curved monitors

Through its crowdfunding platform , Xiaomi has put on sale an interesting lamp for monitors that stands out for its curved format and for adding uniform lighting that also turns out to be RGB. In detail, this new lamp for curved monitors arrives at Youpin under the LYMAX brand and adds a Ra97 full spectrum LED lighting capable not only of offering uniform illumination, but also without any type of flicker in order to protect our eyesight. In addition, this new lamp has an R1000 curvature , adapting to practically any curved monitor and illuminating just the desk area and not the monitor screen itself, thus avoiding reflections. But there is not everything, this new lamp adds another set of 40 LEDs capable of capturing sound in order to make its different LEDs shine to the rhythm of the music or the sound waves it receives . That is why it is also ideal for playing games, adding a more gaming touch to our desktop. Beyond that, this new lamp has a small remote control from w

Smartmi, the home appliance brand of the Xiaomi ecosystem, arrives in Spain

Within the Xiaomi product ecosystem we find a wide variety of brands. Among these, today we have to talk about Smartmi , a manufacturer of household appliances and especially air purifiers and fans , which officially disembarks in Spain today. With an aesthetic very similar to Xiaomi's own products and in general, a great quality / price ratio , Smartmi arrives in Spain with five of its products ; two fans, two air purifiers and a humidifier. Although the variety of products that land beyond the Chinese borders is somewhat reduced, little by little Smartmi will bring part of its extensive catalog of household appliances as they adapt to European regulations and obligations. It is not Xiaomi but it is compatible with its ecosystem It should be noted that Smartmi is not Xiaomi, nor is it a sub-brand . Even so, it is true that a large part of its products are compatible with the Xiaomi ecosystem , that is, they are compatible with the Xiaomi Home platform. As we said, Smar

Xiaomi has managed to integrate the selfie camera into the frame of the smartphone itself

As an alternative to the Under-Display Camera technology , Xiaomi has registered a new patent that could undoubtedly make way for a large part of the smartphones to come. On this occasion, the firm surprised us by integrating the selfie camera into the terminal's own smartphone . As they tell us from LetsGoDigital , Xiaomi has registered a new patent detailing the procedure carried out to integrate a tiny selfie camera in the upper frame that covers the edges of the screen. In this way, without having to resort to the expensive Under-Display Camera technology , the next Xiaomi smartphones could offer an "all-screen" design, also incorporating a better quality camera than the one that would be offered by the one located below the screen. Patent registered by Xiaomi In order to integrate a camera on the edge or bezel of the terminal itself, Xiaomi has chosen to use various transparent components made of optical fibers so that the upper edge of the terminal is res

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 would arrive in August along with one of the most anticipated news

Again the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is once again the protagonist of the latest rumors. And it seems that this new high-end Xiaomi would arrive in August along with the expected "all-screen" design , that is, with an under-screen selfie camera . As we can read through Gizmochina , a renowned informant has assured that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will arrive in August integrating the newly presented Snapdragon 888+, thus becoming one of the most powerful smartphones of the moment. In addition, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 would come alongside the Honor Magic 3, two devices that will be characterized by incorporating Under-Display Camera technology , that is, with a selfie camera under the screen in order to offer an unparalleled viewing experience. Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, Mi Pad 5 and MIUI 13, all together in a new mega-launch This new rumor makes us think that Xiaomi is preparing a new mega-launch like the one that took place on March 30 and in which all kinds of devices were presented, including t

How to synchronize the notes of your Xiaomi and access from any device or computer

Among the wide variety of native applications that MIUI integrates, we find Notes , a fairly fast and simple way to record small annotations that we can also synchronize with the Xiaomi cloud so that they are never lost and also access from any other device Thanks to Xiaomi Cloud we can safeguard all the notes registered in the Notes application and also access them from any other Xiaomi device that is linked to our same Mi account. In addition, once we have synchronized the notes of our Xiaomi we can access them from a computer , all thanks to the Xiaomi Cloud Web portal from which we can view, edit or even create new ones and thus improve our productivity. How to sync your Xiaomi notes with the cloud To synchronize the Notes application of your Xiaomi with the Mi Cloud, we will only have to access Settings> Mi Account> Xiaomi Cloud . Once inside, it will be enough to activate the synchronization of the Notes, as well as any other content that we want to safeguard. I

Xiaomi solves the heating problems of its flagship

The Xiaomi Mi 11 has turned out to be a very complete and balanced terminal. Still, its powerful Snapdragon 888 has brought Xiaomi a major headache related to heat dissipation . Although, with the MIUI Global ROM, the Xiaomi Mi 11 only suffers from these heating problems in the most demanding games, in China the Xiaomi flagship has weighed down certain serious bugs since its launch that have even burned its motherboard. . Fortunately, Xiaomi has solved this problem by releasing a new update that has begun to be rolled out in China under the numbering V12.5.9.0RKBCNXM . Thanks to this, the heating problems are solved, thus optimizing the cooling system of the Xiaomi Mi 11. In addition to this, this new update brings with it certain improvements and above all a large number of corrections that negatively affected the experience of using MIUI on this terminal: Notification animation problems on the lock screen have been fixed. The abnormal flickering of notifications in the sta

{Disarmed} The latest MIUI news will make you want to change the ROM of your Xiaomi

As many of you will know, the Global version of MIUI is nothing more than a "lite" variant of everything that the MIUI Chinese ROM offers . That is why many decide to choose to install the Xiaomi.EU Custom ROM on their smartphones in order to enjoy all the latest news This apparently could change shortly, probably with the arrival of MIUI 13, since as revealed to us from XIAOMIUI , Xiaomi has begun to implement a great variety of languages ​​in the Chinese ROM of MIUI . As we can see in the following video, the latest MIUI Closed Beta adds a wide variety of languages, including Spanish . A very important novelty that will surely make more than one go to the China ROM. In MIUI 13, China ROM maybe will have multilang support. Currently, applications are running while showing the contents in the language you selected, while System UI and some other elements are still in English. - Xiaomiui | Xiaomi & MIUI News (@xiaomiui) June 29, 2021 An

This is the new Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X: a carefully designed gaming laptop

Xiaomi has presented its new Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X , a high-performance laptop, which even presenting some gaming features adds a really neat design , characterized by its chassis made of aluminum that weighs just 1.9Kg . In detail, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X is presented next to a 15-inch OLED screen whose resolution reaches 3.5K . This one has a 100% DCI-P3, a contrast of 1,000,000: 1 and a brightness level of 600 nits. Inside we find the latest generation of Intel Core processors , either an i5 or an i7, accompanied by an NVidia RTX 3050Ti GPU . In addition, it incorporates up to 32GB of LPDDR4X RAM and up to 1TB of PCIe SSD storage. But there is not everything, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X adds the latest in technology; backlit keyboard, WiFi 6 , a 80Whr battery and of course, compatibility with the Xiaomi MIUI + platform. Price and availability of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X The new Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X will begin to be marketed on July 9 and depending

Balanced and performance modes return to MIUI: this will improve autonomy

After several rumors regarding its return , Xiaomi has finally implemented the balanced and performance modes in MIUI . A new way to optimize the battery of our smartphone, inherited from one of the best functions that MIUI 8 had. In detail it has been kacskrz who has revealed this information, showing us a screenshot where the balanced and performance modes between the different battery optimization modes that MIUI has are appreciated. As can be seen in the following image, if we go into Settings> Battery and performance we will now have these two modes, thus allowing us to adjust the energy consumption according to our needs , beyond the classic energy saving mode. For its part, the balanced mode will be able to improve energy consumption without giving up the fact of offering average performance to the user. On the other hand, the performance mode is able to offer practically the full potential of the hardware, optimizing autonomy at the same time. That is, at the mom

Now it will be more difficult for the photos and videos of your Xiaomi to be deleted by mistake

The MIUI development team has announced the implementation of a new protection system. Now it will be much more difficult to mistakenly delete photos and / or videos from our Xiaomi gallery or for other applications to do so. Currently there are a wide variety of applications that require access to our gallery . Among them we find editors and other applications such as Google Photos that are still used by many. The latter in particular has a space release system capable of eliminating all those photographs and videos that a priori are uploaded to the cloud . Of course, like everything else, this functionality can fail, mistakenly deleting important photos and videos from the internal storage and the microSD. MIUI development team post on Weibo. In view of this, Xiaomi has implemented in MIUI a new way to avoid this type of errors, notifying the user and requiring their authorization each time a third-party application is going to delete or delete a photo or video from the gall

Up to 22 euros discount on your new Xiaomi mobile or gadget with these AliExpress coupons

AliExpress continues to celebrate its summer offers , a festival full of great discounts that allows us to buy a wide variety of Xiaomi phones and gadgets at the best price if we apply the different codes and coupons available. Either in the POCO F3 , POCO X3 Pro , Redmi Note 10 Pro or Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite , we can take an extra discount of up to 22 euros , depending on the total value of our purchase. The same is true for other Xiaomi products such as the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum G1 , the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C or the Xiaomi Mi AIoT ROuter AC2350 . To obtain this extra discount we will only have to apply the different discount codes, depending on the total value of the purchase . Of course, the products you purchase must belong to AliExpress Plaza or have shipping from Europe : 08FAST : 8 euros discount on purchases of +50 euros 15FAST : 15 euros discount on purchases of +100 euros 22FAST : 22 euros discount on purchases of +150 euros In addition, there are several local s

This is the new Incognito Mode of MIUI that will protect us from any application

Xiaomi continues to improve MIUI features and options. This time it has done so by implementing a new incognito mode capable of suspending all permissions on our smartphone and thus protecting our privacy from any application. Through the latest MIUI Closed Beta, Xiaomi has started to implement a new incognito mode in the MIUI Privacy section in order to protect our privacy, suspending those permissions related to location, microphone and camera . After activating the incognito mode in the MIUI settings, the permissions given to the different applications installed on our Xiaomi will be reverted , thus preventing them from registering our location or capturing audio or video through the camera or microphone. With this, we will prevent certain applications from collecting our data, improving in general and globally our privacy from the root of the "problem" , that is, cutting off any communication between the different I / O components of our smartphone and the applica

The launch of Xiaomi s first smart tag is getting closer and closer

Smart tags have become extremely popular gadgets. In part, thanks to Apple and Samsung, these smart keyrings capable of offering us an almost exact location of any object to which we link it have become a success, even more so when Xiaomi launches its own model. Although, this is not the first time we have talked about the Xiaomi Mi Smart Tag , in recent days this long-awaited device has once again obtained a new certification, not only confirming its existence, but also its imminent launch. As we can see in the following image, this first Xiaomi smart tag was registered on June 25 as a tracking device capable of sending signals to the user , that is, of sending their location remotely. Certification of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Tag Beyond that, everything remains a mystery although the latest patents registered by Xiaomi (just below these lines) reveal how the Xiaomi Mi Smart Tag could become and what design they would have. Patent registered by Xiaomi In summary, the Xiaomi Mi

How to activate or turn on the screen of your Xiaomi automatically when you pick it up

MIUI is full of options and all kinds of functionalities that allow us a more comfortable use of our Xiaomi. An example of this is the " Raise to activate " option, a very interesting feature that we want to talk about today. In itself, the Raise to activate option allows us to activate or turn on the screen of our Xiaomi simply by holding it with our hand . In this way, every time we take our smartphone and go to see the time, the latest notifications or some other information, the screen will turn on automatically. To do this, MIUI makes use of the different sensors of the device , thus detecting when we move it to focus our view and thus, turning on or activating its screen so that we can view it without having to use any button. How to activate or turn on your Xiaomi just by holding it in your hand To activate the MIUI functionality that allows us to activate or turn on the screen of any Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO automatically when picking it up, we will only have to

Xiaomi prepares a new TOP mobile with the Snapdragon 888+ and 200MP camera

Xiaomi seems to be planning to launch a new TOP smartphone or so at least the renowned Digital Chat Station assures it, who has published on its social networks the arrival of a new device by the Chinese company equipping the latest technology. According to this renowned leaker, Xiaomi would be preparing a new smartphone equipped with the recently presented Snapdragon 888+ , thus positioning itself at the top of performance rankings such as those of AnTuTu. In addition, this new smartphone would bring with it a camera of no less than 200MP , a resolution of the most overwhelming that would not contribute beyond a better photo quality, a possibility of zooming never seen before. At the moment it is unknown what device it could be, although everything indicates that it could be the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 or even the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra . In the same way, this would arrive at the end of the year , thus coinciding with the debut of a large part of the next generations of Xiaomi smartphones

Xiaomi promotes the protection of the privacy and security of users

Under the motto «Safety is our shared responsibility. Always think before you act ", Xiaomi, today concluded its Security and Privacy Awareness Month aimed at the end user of MIUI and the different products of the firm. For the second consecutive year, the entity has dedicated the month of June to promoting, through a comprehensive program , reflection on the importance of security and the protection of privacy among the firm's employees, sector executives, industry experts and global society. Cui Baoqiu, Xiaomi vice president and president of the company's Security and Privacy Committee, said: " As a leading manufacturer of Android smartphones, we have a great responsibility. We are committed to letting consumers know how their personal information is collected, used and protected . We pride ourselves on solidly meeting global standards . " The Xiaomi Security Academy In this year's program, activities such as the Xiaomi Security Academy classes or t

MIUI 13 would debut in August along with one of the most anticipated functions

MIUI 13 is once again the protagonist of the latest rumors that come to us from China, but this time it does so together with one of what could be its star characteristics and that would undoubtedly mark a before and after, especially in those Xiaomi, Lower-end Redmi or POCO. As we can read through MyDrivers , MIUI 13 would implement the RAM expansion system that we already saw, we discovered a few months ago in the internal code of MIUI and that would allow us to expand the RAM of our device by making use of the internal storage . Thanks to this functionality, which a priori would debut in MIUI 13, cheaper terminals that have less amount of RAM could benefit from its internal storage , which is usually much more extensive. In this way, by having more RAM, more applications and in general, greater fluidity could offer. RAM expansion system that we would see in MIUI 13 Recall that this functionality was already seen in MIUI's internal code as " Memory Extension "

{Disarmed} The Redmi 10 Series, Xiaomi s new entry range, begins to warm up engines

Although the Redmi Note 10 Series has not stopped expanding with all kinds of models, some of them even with 5G, Xiaomi's entry range has not been renewed since the previous generation , that is, since the Redmi 9 Series. Well, this will change shortly as Xiaomi India has dropped, who has begun to warm up engines in the face of the arrival of the first members of the Redmi 10 Series , also adding that they will be a "Redmi Revolution." As we can see in the following publication, everything suggests that the Redmi 10 Series will take a great leap in terms of photography , thus incorporating a set of cameras that we previously only saw in the mid-range. Brace yourselves for the #RedmiRevolution ! Hitting your screens soon! Watch this space for more # 10on10 action. - Redmi India - # RedmiNote10 Series (@RedmiIndia) June 28, 2021 Beyond that, everything remains a mystery, although like the Redmi Note 10 Series revolutionized the mid-rang

Xiaomi shows us for the first time its new Mi Notebook Pro X, its most advanced laptop

Although, it will not be until tomorrow when we know each of its details, Xiaomi has shown today how its new Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X will be , also confirming some of its internal characteristics. Like the Mi Laptop Pro Series , the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X will have a fairly stylish design, incorporating high-quality materials such as aluminum and maintaining elegant lines and in general, becoming a light and thin laptop. Likewise, the screen of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X will be of the OLED type , adding a 3.5K resolution in order to offer a great image quality, suitable for all kinds of uses, including professional use for photo editing and video. But there is not everything, the new Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X will have an internal storage of SSD type of up to 1TB , combined with up to 32GB of LPDDR4X RAM . All this in turn, combined with the latest from Intel and the NVidia RTX 3015Ti graphics. In short, a beastiest laptop that we will finish knowing this June 30 .

Xiaomi s new smart lock adds 3D recognition and Apple Homekit

Xiaomi has presented its new Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock Pro , a smart lock equipped with all kinds of technologies, including a 3D facial recognition system and support for use with Apple HomeKit . In detail we are faced with a new smart lock equipped with two wide-angle cameras and 2.3MP resolution , capable of recognizing and identifying faces, in order to provide the opening of the front door of our home. In addition, these cameras can also be used as a security system , recording what happens outside our portal continuously and sending these recordings to a remote host or in the cloud. Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock Pro, up to 7 different unlocking systems Beyond this, the Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock Pro has up to 7 different unlocking systems : fingerprint, randomly generated pin, NFC, Bluetooth, Apple HomeKit , virtual key and through the voice assistant (Xiaomi Home). As far as autonomy is concerned, the Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock Pro is capable

The Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 vacuum cleaner has never been so cheap

Like robot vacuum cleaners , cordless vacuum cleaners have become wildly popular. For its part, Xiaomi has a wide range of models, among which we find the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9, which is also at a demolition price. For only 133 euros you can buy the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 using the discount code « 22FAST «. The latter will give you a discount of no less than 22 euros on the final price of the vacuum cleaner. In addition, it should be noted that the shipment of the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 is made from Spain , so you will save any extra expenses for customs. Likewise, in just a few days you will have it at home. Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9, powerful and for all types of floors Among the characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 cordless vacuum cleaner we find a motor capable of reaching 100,000 rpm and a HEPA filter capable of filtering 99.97% of micro-dust particles of just 0.3μm. Thanks to this, it is ideal for vacuuming all types of particles, includ

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite begins to update to MIUI 12.5

The deployment of MIUI 12.5 continues and today it was the turn of a new Xiaomi device. This time it is the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite , which has begun to update to this latest version of MIUI that so many expect In detail, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite has begun to receive its first Stable version of MIUI 12.5 through the MIUI European ROM , that is, it is aimed at devices sold in Europe. Therefore, users who use the Global ROM (MI) will have to keep waiting, probably no more than a few days or at most a week. To be exact, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite has begun to receive the V12.5.1.0.RFNEUXM update, which has a size of 982MB and is based on Android 11. If you prefer to manually install MIUI 12.5 on the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite, you can download its OTA from this link . When will MIUI 12.5 arrive to the rest of Xiaomi devices After arriving at the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite, MIUI 12.5 is expected to continue to deploy throughout the coming months , starting the second phase of deployment

Xiaomi improves MIUI notifications and "less important" grouping

Xiaomi continues to improve the functionalities of its smartphones ahead of the arrival of MIUI 13 . This time it was the turn of the notification system, which is improved with a new way of grouping and displaying less important notifications. Through the latest MIUI Closed Beta, Xiaomi has implemented a new way to classify and view notifications, grouping them into " unimportant messages " and improving the way they are accessed. Now, to view unimportant notifications, these will be displayed in the notification panel itself as they tell us from MIUIes , displaying in a way that is quite similar to what they already had in MIUI 9 . In this way, we will not only be able to have a classification that is easier to view, but also to access each less important notification , without the need to enter a different window. Of course, for now it is only a small but interesting change that affects the latest MIUI Closed Beta so its arrival in the Global ROM could be delay

Qualcomm presents its new Snapdragon 888 Plus and Xiaomi will be among the first to use it

After several rumors regarding its existence, Qualcomm has officially presented the Snapdragon 888 Plus 5G , a processor that debuts as an evolution of the Snapdragon 888 focused on power and artificial intelligence. The new Snapdragon 888+ 5G maintains much of the characteristics of the original model, this time reaching 3GHz through its eight Kryo 680 cores (The Snapdragon 888 reaches 2.84GHz). Thanks to this, it is possible to reach 32TOPS , a 20% improvement compared to its predecessor. Beyond that, the Snapdragon 888 Plus features the Adreno 660 GPU, adds support for displays up to 144Hz , RAM up to 16GB LPDDR5, and UFS 3.1 storage. In addition, this new Qualcomm processor adds an X60 5G RF modem capable of reaching 7.5Gbps. It also has support for WiFi 6, WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2. Xiaomi and Asus, among the first to use the Snapdragon 888 Pro After the presentation of the new processor, Xiaomi has announced that it will use the Snapdragon 888 Plus as detailed from MyDr

How to set a different ringtone for each contact on your Xiaomi

Although Xiaomi has stopped integrating its own phone application on its smartphones sold globally, the Google application also allows us to customize certain settings such as setting a different ringtone for each contact . Thanks to this we will be able to establish not only a particular tone for each contact in our agenda, but also establish any song that we have stored in our Xiaomi , in turn creating our own ringtone. In this way we can know, before looking at the screen of our smartphone, who is calling us and thus, for example, decide whether to pick it up or not . A fairly simple way to give our Xiaomi a more personal touch, in the face of the ringtone. Set a different ringtone for each contact on your Xiaomi To be able to set a ringtone to a contact stored in the phonebook of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO, it will only be necessary to follow these steps: Go to the Phone application and from the contacts section enter the one we want to customize. once inside, simply ac

The Redmi 9 begins to receive its first version of Android 11 in Europe

Beyond deploying MIUI 12.5 , Xiaomi seems not to have forgotten about the update to Android 11 in its cheaper smartphones , this time reaching one of its cheapest smartphones. Specifically, the Redmi 9 has begun to receive its first update to Android 11 through the MIUI European ROM , that is, the one known as EEA or EU, installed on devices sold directly on the European continent. To be exact, this is the V12.0.1.0.RJC EUXM update and it occupies a total of 2.1GB . After that, all that remains is for Xiaomi to bring MIUI 12.5 to Redmi 9, probably starting next July , along with the second phase of deployment of this new version of MIUI. It should be noted that the Global variant of the Redmi 9 had already received Android 11 previously , so all that was left to update all those terminals under the European ROM. And remember, before carrying out an important update like this one, it is convenient to make a backup copy of all the important data stored in your Redmi 9. Also, it

Xiaomi and Marvel come together for the premiere of the film Black Widow (Black Widow)

Xiaomi has announced its new agreement with Marvel Studios for the launch of the film « Black Widow «, a new premiere from the Marvel factory that will be released in theaters and on Disney + on July 9. As a result of this new collaboration, Xiaomi will carry out a joint multi-channel marketing campaign with Marvel to celebrate the premiere of the film and showcase the key features of its smartphone catalog under the Mi 11 Series . Inspired by the superhero from the movie Black Widow, this collaboration honors how Xiaomi's Mi 11 Series can bring the power of the cinematic experience to users with some of the most impressive specs on the market. The campaign will feature creative content with a presence abroad, digital channels and social networks and will take place in seven European countries coinciding with the official launch of this new Marvel film in July. Borja Gomez-Carrillo Alonso , Xiaomi's country manager in Spain , says: "Marvel Studios has entertaine

Xiaomi launches a new compact charger with fast charging and two USB outputs

Xiaomi Mi 33W Wall Charger , this is the name of the new compact charger that Xiaomi has presented in the European market and that as a peculiarity adds two USB outputs : one of them USB Type A and the other USB Type C. In detail, the new Xiaomi Mi 33W Wall Charge reaches the European market with a size of just 83.7x.48.28mm , becoming a compact charger but at the same time extremely useful by incorporating two USB output ports. Its USB Type A has a fast charging power of up to 27W , distributed in 5V / 3A, 9V / 3A and 12V / 2.25A. For its part, USB Type C is capable of reaching 33W , in this case together with the voltage and current values ​​of 5V / 3A, 9V / 3A, 11V / 3A, 12V / 2.5A, 15V / 2A and 20V / 1.65 TO. Beyond this, we find a charger specially designed for its support with Apple devices , be it the iPhone or its variety of iPad. Likewise, it adds various security systems in order to avoid electrical failures or overheating. At the moment Xiaomi has not specifie