Xiaomi improves MIUI s dark mode by allowing it to activate only at sunset

Xiaomi continues to improve its famous customization layer. On this occasion, after having added certain improvements to Game Turbo , Xiaomi has improved MIUI's dark mode , allowing its activation to take place automatically in relation to the time of day.

Now, as detailed from MIUIes, in addition to being able to program the dark mode so that it is activated automatically at the established time, MIUI will allow us to activate it according to the exact time of day and the established time zone.

In itself, through the latest MIUI Closed Beta, specifically V21.5.22 , Xiaomi has begun to introduce a new option in its dark mode for MIUI that allows us to activate it automatically just after sunset .

Xiaomi mejora el modo oscuro de MIUI permitiendo que se active solo al atardecer. Noticias Xiaomi A

For this, the dark mode will take into account our time zone and location, thus calculating the time of sunset . Just when the day begins to darken, MIUI will automatically activate the dark mode.

Of course, at the moment this new option for dark mode is only found in the MIUI Closed Beta directed to the Chinese ROM . Therefore, we will still have to wait until it reaches the Stable version and also the Global ROM.

The entry Xiaomi improves the dark mode of MIUI allowing it to be activated only at sunset was first published in xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


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