Xiaomi Hyper Charge, a new record in fast charging that Xiaomi will present tomorrow

In the last year Xiaomi has not stopped surprising us with new charging standards. An example of this was Xiaomi Mi Air Charge , a wireless charging technology by air that surprised us all, showing us how the future could be.

But there will not be everything. And it is that just a few minutes ago Xiaomi announced the arrival of " Xiaomi Hyper Charge ", a new evolution of its fast charging system that apparently will debut tomorrow breaking a new record .

As we can see in the following image published by Xiaomi on Twitter, Xiaomi Hyper Charge will be the new fast charging system that we will see in the next flagship of the firm, breaking the 120W of charging power that had already left us speechless. thanks to the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra .

Beyond that, Xiaomi has not wanted to reveal more details about it, although it is likely that this new technology exceeds 150W of charging power, even reaching 200W in order to charge practically any smartphone in a matter of a few minutes.

Tomorrow, May 31, we will know all the details of Xiaomi Hyper Charge , a new standard of fast charging that will undoubtedly not leave anyone indifferent. For our part, since Xiaomi makes it official, we will bring you all the information about it.

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