Xiaomi confirms that it will not attend MWC 2021, at least in person

Continuing with the bleeding of companies that will not attend the Mobile World Congress 2021 , Xiaomi has spoken about it, making it clear what its position will be in the face of this important technological event that will take place on June 28.

In detail, Xiaomi has decided to participate only virtually in MWC 2021 , all with the aim of ensuring the health and safety of all its employees, customers, partners and the media.

Even so, and despite the very complicated situation in which we live, the company will continue to strengthen its presence and actively collaborate with the entire sector . Currently, Xiaomi will focus on supporting the technology community globally.

Xiaomi follows the same steps as Samsung, Lenovo and Qualcomm

Xiaomi confirma que no asistirá a la MWC 2021, al menos de manera presencial. Noticias Xiaomi A

With this decision, Xiaomi joins other brands such as Samsung , Lenovo or Qualcomm that have also decided not to attend, at least in person, the Mobile World Congress 2021. In the case of the latter, it should be noted that its stand is positioned as one of the biggest.

Apparently, the measures adopted by the GSMA (negative tests for COVID-19 and FPP2 masks to enter) have not been enough to convince these brands . We will see what happens between now and the end of next June and if more companies join this decision.

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