Wonderfic, Xiaomi s new application to read all kinds of novels

As surprising as it may be, Xiaomi has launched a new application for reading novels . Specifically, we are talking about Wonderfic , a curious application that joins the rest of the apps developed by Xiaomi such as My Calendar .

In detail, Wonderfic is now available for download on Google Play and allows us to access a wide variety of romantic, science fiction, fantasy, historical novels and so on.

In addition to accessing a wide range of novels, many of them free, Xiaomi's Wonderfic application has certain extra functions. Among these we find support for TXT, PDF and EPUB formats . Thanks to this we can import our own novels in a fairly simple way.

Wonderfic, la nueva aplicación de Xiaomi para leer todo tipo de novelas. noticias Xiaomi A

Beyond that, Wonderfic has several sections such as " the best " or " recommended " that will allow us to find the best novels, as well as those that best suit our tastes.

Wonderfic Romantics, Novels (To be announced, Google Play) →

So now you know, if you like novels, this new Xiaomi application is ideal. Most of its content is free , but there is the possibility of buying coins via Google Play to unlock the most recognized novels.

The Wonderfic entry , Xiaomi's new application to read all kinds of novels, was first published on xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


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