The latest from Xiaomi is this little breathalyzer with glass breaker and belt cutter

Xiaomi does not stop surprising us with new and interesting products through its crowdfunding platform. On this occasion, the firm has put an interesting portable breathalyzer for sale on Youpin that also hides certain tools that could save us in the event of an accident.

In detail, this new breathalyzer reaches Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform under the NexTool brand, it has a size of 109x48x25mm and its weight does not exceed 180 grams . Quality materials such as ABS and PC plastic have been used for its construction.

In its upper part we find the nozzle through which we can exhale our air and thus check if we are fit to drive . We will know this through its small LCD screen , which will light up in green, orange or red, depending on the amount of alcohol in the blood.

But it does not finish here. In addition, this breathalyzer includes a glass breaker that will make it easier for us to break the windows of our vehicle in case we get trapped. It also adds a short U-shaped belt that could save us on more than one occasion.

Lo último de Xiaomi es este pequeño alcoholímetro con rompe cristales y corta cinturones. Noticias Xiaomi A

Likewise, this small breathalyzer hides inside a 4,800mAh battery. Thanks to this, it not only offers a great autonomy of up to 5,000 uses, but we can also use it as an external battery for other devices thanks to its reversible USB Type-C port.

Price and availability

The price of this new breathalyzer that Xiaomi offers us through Youpin is only 129 yuan, about 16 euros to change. At the moment it will not be sold outside of China although it is very likely that we will see it on AliExpress shortly.

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