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So you can customize the Control Center of your Xiaomi with MIUI 12

The MIUI customization layer is known thanks to its high level of customization. In this regard, Xiaomi has done a great job, allowing us to customize practically any section of its interface to our liking, such as the Control Center .

For this, the Themes application does not make it simple enough. From its settings we can edit the Control Center from other themes that we have previously downloaded and that apply a different design.

Although, in itself we cannot directly edit the Control Center, we can apply one design or another from the themes that we have downloaded . In this way we can combine the icons of a particular theme, the start animation of another and finally, the Control Center that we like the most.

How to customize the MIUI 12 Control Center on your Xiaomi

Así puedes personalizar el Centro de Control de tu Xiaomi con MIUI 12. Noticias Xiaomi A

To customize the MIUI 12 Control Center on any Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO device, we just have to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Themes app> Profile> Customize theme
  2. Once inside we will access the section « Status bar «

From the "Status Bar" option we can customize the Control Center of our Xiaomi in relation to the issues that allow it . But do not worry, if you have not yet downloaded any that change the design of the Control Center, here is a list:

  1. Pixel Neo G
  2. Freedom
  3. Nubia Red Magic
  4. Bob Marley_3MDS
  5. Crackinghouse
  6. WenyCLM
  7. Cherry Blossom_3MDP
  8. New Year_4
  9. Dream OS V12
  10. Black shark 3d
  11. Neon_3MDP
  12. Neon girl_3MDS
  13. Linear Neon_3MDS
  14. Beautification
  15. NewYear 2021
  16. New Year_3
  17. Sprinkles

In this simple way we can customize the MIUI 12 Control Center without also changing the icons, the lock screen, etc. And you know, if you know of any other noteworthy topic that provides an attractive design for the Control Center, do not hesitate to comment in the comment box.

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