DxOMark analyzes the POCO X3 NFC camera: the best in its price range

After analyzing the camera of the Redmi Note 10 Pro , DxOMark has put its hands on the POCO X3 NFC , showing us its opinion, as well as its strengths and weaknesses in terms of photography.

Thanks to its 64MP SONY IMX682 main camera, the POCO X3 NFC has obtained a total of 103 points . Although, its hardware cannot compete with other high-end terminals, the truth is that in general it turns out to be a very good option , especially if we take into account its price.

In general, the POCO X3 NFC is capable of capturing good photographs in not too challenging conditions , obtaining in this section a score similar to that of other much more expensive terminals.

DxOMark analiza la cámara del POCO X3 NFC: la mejor en su franja de precios. Noticias Xiaomi A

Where the POCO X3 NFC seems to limp the most is in the zoom section, since as many of you know, it lacks a telephoto camera . For this, digital zoom techniques are used, giving results in the average of other devices of the same price.

DxOMark analiza la cámara del POCO X3 NFC: la mejor en su franja de precios. Noticias Xiaomi A

As far as video recording is concerned, the POCO X3 NFC offers very good results, especially in terms of stabilization . In this section, Xiaomi has done a very good job, incorporating the most advanced electronic stabilization.

In summary, the score obtained by the POCO X3 NFC makes it stand at the level of other much more expensive smartphones such as the iPhone SE 2020 or the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip . It is therefore, that although its score is not one of the highest, it is positioned as the best in its price range.

You can read all the analysis on DxOMark

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