Disappointed with the support Xiaomi is giving its smartphones? This interests you

In recent years Xiaomi has focused solely on launching new smartphones. Leaving aside the simple fact of improving the experience of these, the MIUI Global and European ROM has become a minefield in the form of bugs, bugs and a large number of limitations compared to the Chinese ROM.

In recent months we have seen devices that have become unusable when updated . In addition, smartphones such as the Redmi Note 10 Pro, the POCO F3 or even the POCO X3 NFC, continue to present major problems related to their proximity sensor , especially when making calls.

To all this are added the limitations suffered by the MIUI Global ROM. Without going any further, MIUI 12.5 has been a total disappointment , including only performance and fluidity improvements but no sign of the new animations , MIUI + and practically everything that made it a really attractive update.

Letter addressed to Xiaomi executives

In order to convey these mixed feelings that many Xiaomi users feel, MIUIes have created dearxiaomi.com . In this portal you will find a letter addressed to the directors of the firm , as well as a request that EVERYTHING RETURNS AS BEFORE.

Disappointed with the support Xiaomi is giving its smartphones? This interests you
Xiaomi is what it is today, thanks to its Mi Fans

It is clear that Xiaomi is no longer the same company that was called "Quality-Price" or that cared more about Mi Fans than sales . That is why from dearxiaomi.com Xiaomi is encouraged to change its course again, returning to what it was before.

In addition, from dearxiaomi you can join the cause and sign the petition , thus joining other users and Mi Fans who, like you and me, feel disappointed and totally forgotten by Xiaomi.

Disappointed with the support Xiaomi is giving its smartphones? This interests you

We like Xiaomi, there is no doubt about that, what we do not like is the direction the company is taking. We are Mi Fans and we will continue to be, although we would love for everything to be the same as before and for us to be considered more closely.

More information at dearxiaomi.com

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