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A Redmi Note 9 Pro begins to burn in the hands of a child from India

Although this is not the first time that the explosion of a Xiaomi terminal has come to light, a new case that occurred in India has begun to circulate on the network, leaving us to see a Redmi Note 9 Pro totally burned .

According to comments, Priyanka Pavra , a girl from the city of New Delhi, last December acquired a Redmi Note 9 Pro for her younger brother, which after several months of use began to generate smoke inside with practically no apparent cause. .

After that, before the sensation that the mobile was going to start to burn, the brother of this girl threw his Redmi Note 9 Pro into the water, resulting in the appearance that we can see on the cover and the interior of this device.

Priyanka Pavra, for her part, has asked the Redmi support team in India for explanations, to which the firm has replied that said explosion was started by external forces outside the terminal itself. Without giving a specific explanation, Xiaomi has left the following statement:

Customer safety is of the utmost importance to us and we take these issues very seriously. All of our devices pass various levels of rigorous quality testing. At this stage, we are investigating this case to determine the cause. According to the initial investigation, the damage was caused by an external force.

As we can see, Xiaomi makes it clear that the causes of the fire of this Redmi Note 9 Pro have nothing to do with the terminal itself. And it is that, this is not the first time that a smartphone burns or explodes in India, implying that it is probably derived from electrical failures or stability problems in the electrical wiring in that country.

Beyond the borders of India, few are the cases of explosion of a Xiaomi terminal. That is why news like this should not scare us into using a smartphone from the firm , since in general these accidents are effectively derived from external sources.

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