Xiaomi partners with Razer to bring its new keyboard for MIUI to life

The Redmi K40 Gaming Edition has brought more surprises than expected. We are not only talking about its special edition Bruce Lee Edition, but also about the new partnership between Xiaomi and Razer that has led to a curious keyboard for MIUI.

In the last year, Xiaomi has been partnering with the most recognized brands in order to improve certain aspects of their smartphones. Among these we find Harman Kardon , JBL and even now, the renowned brand of gaming peripherals, Razer .

As a result of this new partnership, Xiaomi and Razer have created a new keyboard for MIUI and especially for the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition , which not only provides a most striking interface, but also a complete integration with Mi Haptic .

A "mechanical keyboard" for mobile devices debuted by Xiaomi and Razer

In itself, this new bet from Xiaomi and Razer comes as the "mechanical keyboard" in mobile phones , providing a realistic feeling to the touch with each press we make. To do this, Razer's interface and technology is combined with Xiaomi's Mi Haptic vibration system and the linear vibration motor of the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition.

Xiaomi se asocia con Razer para dar vida a su nuevo teclado para MIUI. Noticias Xiaomi A

As a result, each press on the keys of this new keyboard for MIUI will bring a feeling of "throwback" very similar to that of the mechanical keyboards of the own brand of devices and peripherals, Razer.

But there is not everything, the interface of this new keyboard comes with the RGB lighting effect "Chroma" of the physical keyboards of Razer. A real madness for lovers of MIUI customization.

Of course, at the moment this new keyboard is only available in the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition and it is unknown if it will reach more Xiaomi devices or if it will be launched openly for all those smartphones with Android as the operating system.

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