This theme will give a more colorful and fun touch to your Xiaomi

We know that you love customizing your Xiaomi . That is why today we bring you a most attractive theme, which in addition to being among the most downloaded, will fill the MIUI interface with color and joy .

Specifically, it is Whiter Colourfull V11 , a rather peculiar theme that is characterized by the tonality of its icons and by adding certain customizable widgets that we can incorporate on the desktop itself or on the lock screen.

In itself, this theme gives us a pretty fresh look, all thanks to the incorporation of blue, violet and green tones in a gradient effect . Likewise, it includes several wallpapers that perfectly match these.

Este tema le dará un toque más colorido y divertido a tu Xiaomi. Noticias Xiaomi A

In addition, this theme adds new elements to the lock screen of our Xiaomi. Among these we find the latest information such as the steps we have taken, the wind speed or a new bar with shortcuts .

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To apply this theme on your Xiaomi you just have to search for " Whiter Colorful V11 " in the Themes application. In our case it has not been necessary to change the region, although if you get an error you can try to change it by following this guide .

Also do not forget that you can only use the icons of this theme in combination with the interface of another that you like more. From the Themes application you can customize each section of the MIUI interface.

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