This theme allows you to change the charging animation of your Xiaomi completely

Although Xiaomi has a very striking charging animation, the truth is that in the long run it can get boring. This is precisely when the advantages of the Themes application come to light, through which we can modify the loading animation for other more visual ones.

Thanks to the Hello White V12 theme we can give our Xiaomi a different touch, especially when we put it to charge. In addition, it adds several animations so that we do not get bored quickly and can exchange them from time to time.

Once this theme is installed as we will indicate at the end of the article, from its settings we can modify certain aspects . Among these we find the possibility of adjusting various loading animations, each one more striking.

Este tema te permite cambiar la animación de carga de tu Xiaomi con varios diseños. Noticias Xiaomi A
Loading animation and lock screen customization.

In addition, Hello White V12 integrates its own icon pack, a great variety of widgets and in general an aesthetic quite different from that of MIUI. Although the Control Center and Settings remain, the strong point of this theme is in the high level of customization of its lock screen .

To install this theme, we just have to search the application for " Hello White V12 " themes and proceed to download it. In case it does not allow it, you can also try to change the region , in this case for the region of «India».

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