Improve video stabilization by activating this option on your Xiaomi camera

The camera application that Xiaomi integrates into its smartphones no longer only allows us to take photos and videos. In addition to this, it implements all kinds of effects and modes such as the spectacular diorama effect or the stabilization improvement when recording video .

Although electronic video stabilization has greatly improved its effectiveness, if your Xiaomi does not have an optical stabilizer, it is very likely that stabilization when recording videos will not convince you.

In view of this, some of the firm's devices integrate into the camera a function called " Stable video ", which, using the wide-angle camera, allows us to obtain a more stable and fluid recording than with the main camera.

How to improve the stabilization of the video recording of your Xiaomi

To achieve an improvement in stabilization, what this functionality does is show a smaller image than that offered by the wide-angle camera . In this way, the video moves through the original image in order to maintain a greater fluidity even if we make a sudden movement.

Mejora la estabilización de vídeo activando esta opción de la cámara de tu Xiaomi. Noticias Xiaomi A

To activate this option we will only have to go to the camera of our Xiaomi and after that access the Video mode. Once inside, we will only have to activate this mode through the upper icon , as shown in the previous image.

Of course, when using the wide-angle camera we will lose some quality since, in general, the photographic sensor in charge of this camera usually has fewer features than the one in charge of the main camera.

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In addition, it should be noted that this functionality is not available on all Xiaomi devices , since it is a functionality for cheaper devices that generally lack an optical stabilizer.

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