Xiaomi puts on sale an advanced plasma acne remover

Again Xiaomi surprises us again with another interesting product for sale on Youpin . This time we are faced with a new personal care product, especially for those people who have acne or are prone to it.

Specifically, this new product that Xiaomi has put up for sale on its crowdfunding platform is a plasma acne remover that promises to reduce not only the appearance of blackheads and / or pimples, but also to reduce skin marks , with visible effects after 14 days of use.

Its size is just 163x45x39mm , it weighs 120 grams and is made of high quality ABS and PC plastic. In addition, its design makes it super simple to use, facilitating the application of it on our face.

Xiaomi pone a la venta un avanzado eliminador de acné por plasma. Noticias Xiaomi A

Thanks to its plasma cleaning system, this cleaning pen is able to soften the evidence of acne, also reducing the appearance of blackheads after just 30 seconds of use. In addition, it improves the elasticity of the skin and increases the rate of absorption of nutrients from the skin.

Xiaomi offers an advanced plasma acne remover for sale. News Xiaomi Xiaomi offers an advanced plasma acne remover for sale. News Xiaomi Xiaomi offers an advanced plasma acne remover for sale. News Xiaomi

For its operation, this acne eliminator has a rechargeable battery through a USB Type C port, capable of offering us an autonomy of up to 3 hours . In addition, it has a ceramic head for a softer contact with the skin and IPX5 certification.

Acne cleanser price and availability

This new acne cleanser will begin to be marketed on Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform as of April 14 for 999 yen, about 8 euros to change. For now, although it is only released in China, it is very likely that in a few days we will see it on AliExpress.

More information at :Xiaomi Youpin

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