Xiaomi publishes its 2020 summary with impressive figures

Like every year, Xiaomi has published its annual result . This time it was the turn of 2020, a rather difficult year marked by the pandemic and a subsequent economic crisis, but still, Xiaomi has done very well.

In detail, Xiaomi managed to enter a total of 245.9 billion yuan throughout 2020 , specifically about 31.86 billion euros at the exchange rate, which represents a year-on-year growth of 19.4%.

Of these revenues, almost half, that is, 122.4 billion yuan , were obtained through the international market, that is, through its sales in Europe, Latin America and practically all the markets where Xiaomi has arrived outside of China.

This in turn represents net income, that is, profits of 13.0 billion yuan, approximately 1.7 billion euros at the exchange rate, which represents a growth of 12.6% compared to 2019.

MIUI users have not stopped growing, as has its AIoT platform

Xiaomi publica su resumen de 2020 con unas cifras de escándalo. Noticias Xiaomi A

In addition to the economic data, Xiaomi claims to have sold about 10 million in the international market , that only counting those that cost more than 300 euros , that is, its most premium smartphones.

Likewise, the share of MIUI usage worldwide has been increased by almost 100 million users. With a growth of 28% , we are now a total of 396.3 million users who use MIUI .

Xiaomi publica su resumen de 2020 con unas cifras de escándalo. Noticias Xiaomi A

Beyond that, Xiaomi already has 324.8 million products connected to its AIoT platform , with a total of 6.2 million active users. This represents a growth of 38% compared to 2019 in the number of devices and a 52.9% in the number of users.

In short, some truly incredible figures , considering that 2020 was a pretty tough year for everyone. If Xiaomi has managed to increase its figures in a year marked by the coronavirus, imagine what it will be able to do in the next.

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