This is the best theme to turn your Xiaomi into an iPhone with iOS

We know that you love themes and for this, today we bring you the best theme for your Xiaomi with which to turn it into an iPhone with iOS 14 , including the new widgets that Apple has introduced.

Specifically, the theme is called iOS 14x Pro , a classic that we can install on practically any Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO device. In addition, it is compatible with MIUI 11 and MIUI 12 , so its installation will be very simple.

In particular, this theme not only brings us a new pack of icons totally identical to those of iOS 14 , but also a new lock screen and certain wallpapers . In addition, the control center also looks personalized, adding a more iPhone-like look.

Este es el mejor tema para convertir tu Xiaomi en un iPhone con iOS . Noticias Xiaomi A

IOS 14x Pro Theme

To all this are added several widgets that in addition to giving a more personalized touch to your Xiaomi, will provide you with a more visual and simple way to see the time, time, etc. Likewise, the sounds of calls and iOS notifications are also added.

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For its installation it is not necessary to change the region, since if you look for " iOS 14x Pro " in the Themes application you will find it. Even so, you can also download the .mtz to later install it through applications such as Theme Editor for MIUI .

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