Shou Zi Chew says goodbye to us after resigning as Xiaomi International President

Although perhaps its name does not sound familiar, you have probably seen it on more than one occasion if you have followed Xiaomi's live presentations. We are talking about Shou Zi Chew , Xiaomi international president to date, since with an emotional letter, he says goodbye.

After studying economics at the University of London and later finishing his studies at Harvard , Shou Zi Chew began his professional career until he ended up at Xiaomi as International President. Today, almost two years after obtaining this position, he says goodbye to us with an emotional charge .

In detail, Shou Zi Chew says goodbye to join Bytedance as CFO, a company which is located in Singapore, its hometown. Giving thanks to the entire Xiaomi family and especially Lei Jun, Shou Zi Chew leaves us with the following writing:

This resignation comes just after the publication by Xiaomi of its annual results report . In addition to the goodbye of Shou Zi Chew, Xiaomi has made some adjustments among its directors , among which we find Lu Weibing , CEO of Redmi who has promoted various positions.

From xiaomist we wish Shou Zi Chew the best in this new professional career . Without a doubt, we will miss him in the next Xiaomi presentations and we will keep his memory, probably, forever.

The entry Shou Zi Chew says goodbye to us after resigning as Xiaomi International President was first published in xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


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