Get ready for the 11th anniversary of AliExpress: coupons, discounts and best deals

Starting next March 29 and until April 3, AliExpress will celebrate its 11th anniversary , offering us millions of products on sale and a wide variety of coupons and promotional codes to obtain a greater discount on Xiaomi and other brands' products.

This year, AliExpress offers us a discount coupon of 3.46 euros for purchases over 38.89 euros. We can also obtain a 3.02 euro discount coupon for the first purchase and another variety of coupons for specific products through the Coupon Center .

In addition, AliExpress provides us with various promotional codes that we can apply according to the total cost of our order. Like the coupons, we will be able to use all of them from next March 29 :

  • 3ALICUMPLE11 -3 € discount. in purchases + € 30
  • 5ALICUMPLE11 -5 € discount in purchases + € 50
  • 7ALICUMPLE11 -7 € discount. in purchases + 70 €
  • 10ALICUMPLE11 -10 € discount in purchases + € 100
  • 12ALICUMPLE11 -12 € discount. in purchases + 120 €
  • 20ALICUMPLE11 -20 € discount in purchases + 190 €
  • 30ALICUMPLE11 -30 € discount. in purchases + 290 €
  • 2021NUEVOALI -4 € discount. in purchases + € 5 (for new users)

Categories and special sections full of offers

Prepárate para el 11º aniversario de AliExpress: cupones, descuentos y mejores ofertas. Noticias Xiaomi A

As if coupons and discount codes weren't enough, AliExpress has categorized its best offers . In the categories sections you can find great deals celebrating the 11th anniversary of AliExpress:

🇪🇸 Spanish shops
🏆 TOP brands
🔥 Super Sales
🏡 Home
📱 Smartphones and Accessories
🖥 Computing
📸 Electronics and household appliances
🚦 Security

Beyond all this, AliExpress has prepared several raffles with more than 100,000 euros in prizes . And do not forget, from today until March 29, fill your shopping cart , and then apply all the discount coupons and promotional codes.

And remember, we will be updating this article with all the discount coupons and promotional codes that appear for the 11th anniversary of AliExpress. In addition, we will also add the best deals on Xiaomi products .

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