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Xiaomi would get ahead of Apple by launching its own location tags

Tags have become the fashionable gadget. Small location devices that allow us to always have our keys, smartphone or any other object where we place them located.

At the moment, only Samsung has launched its Samsung Galaxy SmartTags , although apparently Xiaomi could be ahead of Apple according to the latest patent that the firm has registered, revealing the design and operation of its own Xiaomi Tags .

As we can see in the following image, Xiaomi has registered a new patent which describes the design of some tracker tags in keychain format very different from Samsung's SmartTags and the renders that we have seen of Apple's AirTags.

Xiaomi se adelantaría a Apple lanzando sus propios tags de localización

Sketch of the Xiaomi Tags.

In addition, like the Samsung model, these add a practical button that we could customize to our liking , either to invoke the activation of a smart device or any other action linked to Xiaomi Home.

Xiaomi would get ahead of Apple by launching its own location tags. News Xiaomi

Patent registered by Xiaomi for its location tags.

In short, a most interesting gadget that we could see shortly . Without a doubt, if it arrives with a competitive price and compatibility with Xiaomi Home, its reception could lead to great success.

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