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Xiaomi seizes the name of Apple s first browser and registers it

After registering the brand "Lei Jun" , Xiaomi seems to have more plans focused this time on advertising. This is demonstrated by its latest application under the brand name " Cyberdog ", which also has several objectives.

As reported by ITHome , Xiaomi requested on January 29 the registration of the brand "CyberDog" . In addition, this request has been carried out internationally so the objective of this could involve our market.

In detail, the "CyberDog" trademark has been registered in various categories including 38 types of communication services , 25 types of advertising sales , 9 types of scientific instruments and 5 types of drugs .

Xiaomi registra la marca "CyberDog" pensada en la venta de publicidad. Noticias Xiaomi A

Application for registration of the "CyberDog" trademark made by Xiaomi.

From what we can see, their classification is the most varied, although taking into account the strategy of these records, only some of these fields could be the correct one for the use that is going to be made of «CyberDog».

It should be noted that this same name was used by Apple's first Web browser . This was launched on February 16, 1996 in beta and now it is Xiaomi who will have the right to this brand or trade name.

Beyond that, everything remains unknown, so we will keep abreast of any news to inform you first-hand of any changes regarding this new brand that Xiaomi has registered.

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