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Xiaomi plans to build a car

Huawei has recently expanded its presence in the automotive industry, and it seems that Xiaomi is also planning to enter this market. A new report states that the company intends to build its own car.

According to iFengNews, several sources have recently announced that the Chinese tech giant is planning to build its own car as a strategic decision; But the details and the route he wants to take have not been determined yet. s also claim that there are many variables and nothing is certain. As someone familiar with the subject, the project will be led directly by the founder and CEO of the smartphone, Lee Joon, although the company has not yet responded.

Lee Joon traveled to the United States twice in 2013 to meet with Tesla CEO Ilan Musk, and his interest now appears to be growing. The report adds that diversification occurs when the smartphone market is in recession. In addition, the market for electric smart vehicles is growing in popularity. So it would not be surprising if the company wanted to expand its presence in an untapped market, especially with its significant R&D team and expertise in electronic hardware.

Unfortunately, Xiaomi has not yet responded to this, so we do not have a way to confirm this report at this time. Therefore, read this report carefully and stay tuned for more information, we will update it if there is additional information.

Xiaomi plans to build a car for the first time at the Xiaomist.Com . appeared.

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