The Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro are updated adding LHDC support and a gaming mode

Launched at the beginning of last February, the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro have become Xiaomi's most advanced wireless headphones, now being updated with important news .

After improving its noise cancellation system, the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro headphones have received a new update providing support for LHDC . Thanks to this, it will be possible to improve the audio coding, in turn improving not only the sound quality, but also the latency.

In addition, these Xiaomi headphones have also received a new " gaming mode " capable of reducing latency to a minimum in order to achieve the minimum possible delay when playing , either in single user mode or over the internet where reaction time plays a very important role.

  • Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro update
    1. Added LHDC support and a new low latency mode.
    2. Bug fixes and performance improvement.

Beyond this, this new update generally corrects small bugs at the software level , in turn improving the performance of the headphones in terms of Bluetooth coding and synchronization.

Los Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro se actualizan añadiendo soporte LHDC y un modo gaming. Noticias Xiaomi A

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro and its wireless charging system.

In short, a very interesting update that makes the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro become the most complete wireless headphones that we would undoubtedly want to see in the global market.

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