The most controversial Xiaomi of 2020 seems to have a new problem with Android 11

If there is a Xiaomi that gave something to talk about in 2020 that was the Xiaomi Mi A3 . Its innumerable updates or rather attempts, on many occasions were unsuccessful , even leaving the terminal totally useless.

Now, a new problem seems to have arisen in the Xiaomi Mi A3 although this time the failure seems to come from Android 11. And it is that, a large number of users have complained of a kind of " green flashes " that appears without apparent reason on the screens of your Xiaomi Mi A3.

These flashes seem to be appearing in applications like Instagram or TikTok , especially when it comes to playing videos. In addition, they are also appearing in the videos recorded by the Xiaomi Mi A3's own camera or those stored in its gallery .

El Xiaomi más polémico de 2020 parece tener un nuevo problema con Android 11. Noticias Xiaomi A

Intermittent failures that cause flashes or green bands on the Xiaomi Mi A3 screen.

At the moment it is unknown what is causing this new failure although everything indicates that it is a new problem at the software level , which would also be given by Android 11.

If we go to Twitter or even Mi Community ( 2 ), we can see how several users complain about this problem with their Xiaomi Mi A3 after updating to Android 11. In all cases, the word " flashes ", " stripes " and " Green " seems to be the most repeated.

As we get more information we will inform you about it. Xiaomi has already been informed of this and an official response or at least the correction of this new failure that is already tiring the users of the Xiaomi Mi A3 is expected.

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