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Xiaomi tries to strain us with another "sung" by an influencer, or not ...

Among the most interesting functions that the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 offers us, we find sports monitoring and step counting . For very little, Xiaomi smart bracelets offer us multiple options in order to lead a much healthier life.

Xiaomi Spain has wanted to boast about this, but the truth is that nothing has turned out well ... Corina Randazzo , influencer with whom Xiaomi has collaborated, has ended up generating controversy, trying to "lie" or so it seems, with the use she gives it to your Xiaomi Mi Band 5 .

As we can see in the following publication shared by Xiaomi Spain, Corina Randazzo tried to show us the use she gives her Xiaomi Mi Band 5, ensuring that even though it is 11:39 in the morning, she has already managed to exceed her daily goal of steps .

Xiaomi nos la intenta colar con otra "cantada" de una influencer, o no.... Noticias Xiaomi A

History shared by Xiaomi Spain on Instagram.

But… have you noticed the real time that the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 shows? Or, Corina Randazzo does not have the time of her smart bracelet set correctly , she is using another time zone or she has tried to sneak in her step count after having accumulated them throughout the day .

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The truth is that it seems that Corina Randazzo has used the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 as it comes in the box , that is, without linking it with the smartphone . At least that's what the icon at the top of the screen shows, that is, the Bluetooth disconnected symbol (crossed out).

In short, a rather funny anecdote that has begun to circulate on social networks like wildfire . We cannot deny that the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is not a great product. Its great quality / price ratio make it the best option to enter the world of wearables , also helping us to maintain a healthier life and habits .

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