This is the box of the new Xiaomi Redmi K40 and the charger will also be optional

The arrival of the new Redmi K40 is just around the corner and today Xiaomi has published what its box will be like or at least, it gives us the opportunity to choose how it will be: with or without charger included inside .

The controversy surrounding the new decision that mobile phone manufacturers have taken not to include the charger with their new devices also seems to hit Redmi. That if, in this case, the Xiaomi sub-brand seems to have done better .

As we can see in the following image, the CEO of Redmi himself has asked on Weibo which box size we prefer . On the one hand we see a conventional size box, probably with a charger inside and on the other, a smaller one, in this case without a charger inside.

Esta es la caja del nuevo Xiaomi Redmi K40 y el cargador también será opcional. Noticias Xiaomi A

Post made on Weibo by the CEO of Redmi.

Although this gives us to understand that this time the Redmi K40 and K40 Pro will also be launched without a charger , it is very likely that history will repeat itself and that its official charger will also be given away with its sale.

At the moment the decision does not seem to be decided , although probably the official box of the Redmi K40 is the thinnest, the one that does not include a charger inside. We'll see if this same story repeats itself in the international market and if, as in China, Xiaomi gives away its charger with the purchase of it.

Source | Weibo

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