The founder of Xiaomi shows us the applications he uses the most: they will surprise you

Co-founder and CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun has become one of the most charismatic and close executives that we can find in the mobile phone market. So much so, that he has not even had any qualms about teaching us which applications he uses the most on his Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro .

Although, we could all think that the applications most used by the Xiaomi manager are those related to work, reality shows us a quite different truth . Without going any further, the TikTok application has turned out to be the most used application by Lei Jun.

In addition to this, among the applications most used by the CEO of Xiaomi we find Weibo , the social network par excellence in China, WeChat , a Xiaomi work application and finally, the Settings application.

El fundador de Xiaomi sorprende mostrándonos cuales son las aplicaciones que más usa. Noticias Xiaomi A

Applications most used by Lei Jun on his Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro.

Even so, the curious thing about it is the time of use of each application:

  • TikTok : 2 hours and 10 minutes
  • Weibo : 2 hours and 7 minutes
  • WeChat : 1 hour and 10 minutes
  • Xiaomi : 34 minutes

As can be seen, the CEO of Xiaomi seems to have a lot of free time, although the truth is that on the same day the screenshot was taken it coincided with a weekend , the same argument that Lei Jun took to "defend" himself against the critics in relation to the applications most used by this.

Even so, there is no doubt that Lei Jun has been a hard-working businessman , getting Xiaomi, from scratch, to conquer certain markets, be it China or Europe, where in countries like Spain it is positioned as the main one mobile phone manufacturer.

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