How to silence or deactivate the notifications of an application on your Xiaomi

Beyond silencing all notifications and calls from our Xiaomi, MIUI allows us to disable notifications from certain applications . A more personal way to adjust sound, vibration or the type of notification for each particular app.

And it is that, in addition to being able to deactivate the notifications in our Xiaomi in relation to a specific application, we can also customize where it will be displayed , if it will activate the LED notification light or even if we only want it to vibrate .

In addition, MIUI allows us to silence notifications but not the calls we receive on our Xiaomi . With this we will be able to silence our smartphone in general, but without deactivating the ringer every time we receive a call.

How to disable notifications for a specific application on our Xiaomi

silenciar notificaciones xiaomi, desactivar aplicación, vibración o led. Noticias Xiaomi A

If what we want is to deactivate or silence the notifications in our Xiaomi of a specific application, we just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings> Notifications
  2. Once inside, in the lower area we will deactivate those applications that we do not want to receive notifications.

By deactivating a specific application, we will not be able to receive notifications from it. In addition, if we click, from this same section, on a specific application, we will access more possibilities for customizing notifications . Among them we find:

  • Show application icons
  • Floating notifications
  • Notifications on Lock Screen
  • Allow sound
  • Allow vibration
  • Allow the use of LED light
  • Show notifications about others

Thanks to these settings we can deactivate the notifications of a specific application, its vibration or the use of the LED light . Likewise, we can adjust these options so that only one of these is activated according to our needs.

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