ZMI dual power bank and charger released

ZMI is Xiaomi's environmental chain company, which has gained a lot of popularity due to the production of a wide range of rechargeable products. The company's products include ultra-fast power banks, wired chargers, wireless chargers as well as car chargers. The brand has even launched its first TWS noise canceling headphones in China. Currently, ZMI offers another innovative charging solution; ZMI Purple Rice Dual Mode Charger Power Bank.

As the name implies, this product is both a charging adapter and a power bank, and is equipped with an 18-watt charger and a dual-port power bank. As a power bank, the dual-purpose ZMI adapter accommodates a suitable 5000 mAh battery and uses folding pins.

In addition, the new ZMI dual-mode charger is equipped with two USB-A ports, both of which support fast 18-watt multi-protocol charging and can charge two smart devices at the same time. When used as a power bank, its internal 5000 mAh power bank comes with a fast charging cable that can provide fast 12-watt charge. In addition, it can provide a small direct current to charge Bluetooth headsets, wristbands, smartwatches and other products.

In terms of design, the new ZMI dual-mode charger employs the classic design known as ZMI. The cover of this device is designed with highlight and matte coating and is equipped with folding pins.

This product is currently available on Xiaomi youpin and is priced at 129 yuan ($ 19).

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