Xiaomi youpin launched a wall lamp equipped with sound control

Xiaomi youpin has just launched a new product on its financing platform. It is a sound-activated wall lamp and costs 99 yuan (approximately $ 15). The store also offers a 9-piece package for 699 yuan (approximately $ 107).

The remarkable thing about this new lamp equipped with sound control is that it changes color based on the audible sound. It also has a Music Rhythm feature that has been created for the game space and can interact with the game sound and change the color of the light.

The smart screen of this lamp can be connected according to the user's taste to design creative patterns and stick on the wall and ceiling. Xiaomi youpin adds that it can be customized in any way the user wants and given a personalized look. It can also be used as a background for various activities such as filming, playing music or taking photos.

The lamp supports 16 million colors and can be controlled via the color temperature line in the Megia program and the amount of external sound. In addition to in-app control, it also supports XiaoAI, which provides voice-based control for the product.

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