Xiaomi s 98-inch TV sets a new sales record against the competition

Despite its size, no less than 98 inches, the Redmi TV Max 98 television seems to be sweeping in China compared to other televisions of the same size. A sales number that Xiaomi confirms is up to 30 times more than the accumulated by the sales of the competition .

Although, for its installation, Xiaomi even has to use a crane, this extra work has not affected its sales . According to the firm, its cranes have been used more than 600 times , climbing a total of more than 55,000 floors .

And it is that if we remember, its large dimensions make it impossible to transport this large television by traditional elevators or stairs . For its elevation to the clients' homes, a crane is used in order to introduce it through balconies, terraces or windows.

Xiaomi's 98-inch TV sets a new sales record. News Xiaomi

Transporting the Redmi TV Max is a great effort, especially in buildings.

In short, Xiaomi seems proud of the sales achieved with its Redmi TV Max 98, a 98-inch 4K HDR television, which with a great quality price is sold throughout China, reaching 31 provinces and regions and up to a total of 290 cities .

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Hopefully this type of product ends up arriving at some point in Spain and the rest of the world. Without a doubt, its great quality / price ratio would make its sales a success and attract many buyers as the Xiaomi Mi TV 4S already do.

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