Xiaomi launched the Deerma Smart Mist dehumidifier for 499 yuan

Humidifiers add moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can damage the skin and body. This can be especially effective in treating dry skin, nose, throat and lips. They can also reduce some of the symptoms of the flu or cold. To this end, Xiaomi has launched the Deerma intelligent dehumidifier.

The main selling point of Deerma Smart Fog Humidifier is 510 ml per hour running water spray. This humidifier is equipped with a 21-layer folding filter element and can be controlled through the Mejia program.

Humidifiers on the market are currently divided into three categories: pure evaporative type, thermal evaporative type and ultrasonic type. The first two models use fan and heating to evaporate water and do not care about water quality. In the ultrasonic type, only pure water can be used, otherwise it can easily release the minerals in the tap water into the air and produce a white powder.

The design of the Deerma foggy humidifier is inspired by the evaporation of natural water, which converts water into nano-water molecules so that bacteria and particles can not bind to each other. To keep the humid and clean air flowing out of the room without polluting it.

A circulating water pump structure is added inside the device to direct water to the top of the filter element and spray it from top to bottom. This operation completely moistens the filter element to ensure water circulation in the tank. It also makes it difficult for the water tank to produce bacteria.

In addition, this dehumidifier uses a filter element consisting of high density absorbent fiber and resin that has a strong self-cleaning ability. Also, its 21-layer structure can completely trap water impurities.

Deerma dehumidifier can also be controlled using a smartphone via the Mejia app. Users can turn the device on and off and adjust the humidity with a button. If the water level is too low, it can remind users to fill up on time.

The dehumidifier is priced at 499 yuan ($ 75) but is currently being pre-purchased at Xiaomi youpin for 469 yuan ($ 71).

Xiaomi launches Deerma Smart Mist dehumidifier for 499 yuan for the first time at Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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