Xiaomi explains how to differentiate a real leak from a false one

After filtering the supposed images of the Xiaomi Mi 11 and without denying them, Xiaomi has given several tips so that we can differentiate a real leak of a Xiaomi product from a totally false leak .

And, as many of you will know, there are countless rumors and leaks of all kinds around Xiaomi, which although sometimes they are real, in many others they only seek economic benefit or the simple fact of gaining prominence on the networks.

That is why Xiaomi has wanted to provide us with two tips or advice that will help us distinguish if a leak is real or if it is simply nothing more than a simple assembly:

  • Renders made by professionals : Xiaomi has wanted to highlight that its renderings are made by experts in graphic design. That is why their official images are extremely rich in detail and generally do not present any design errors.
  • Lens Color : In the last year or two, almost all official renders or renderings made by Xiaomi add cameras with green colored glasses or lenses.

In itself, in summary, Xiaomi has made it clear that if a render does not present a high level of detail and professionalism in it , it is most likely that it is a false leak. In addition, the lenses of the cameras have to take a greenish color , since it is a sign of identity of the brand.

Xiaomi nos explica como diferenciar una filtración real de una falsa. Noticias Xiaomi A

Official render of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra (high level of details and cameras in a light green color).

To all this, it should be noted that only the renders are referred to. When we see a supposed real image that has been filtered, it may belong to a model or simply a prototype prior to the final design of a terminal . That is why its level of details and finishes does not have to be what we would really see in a final product, to be a real filtration.

Source | Weibo

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