Xiaomi enters the Fortune Future 50 again as one of the companies with the greatest potential

One more year and after entering fully for the first time in 2019 , Xiaomi has been listed again in the Fortune Future 50 ranking. On this occasion, down some positions, Xiaomi is once again considered one of the most promising companies in the long term .

In itself, this ranking helps all those small investors who want to bet part of their money on a technology company for its long-term growth. And it is that, the Fortune Future 50 evaluates the 50 best companies in terms of prosperity in the future .

That if, unlike what happened in 2019 that we could find Xiaomi in position number 7, this time it drops to the nineteenth position . Similarly, Xiaomi is positioned in the TOP 20 along with companies with a great vision of the future such as Tesla or Shopify .

Very good news for both Xiaomi and us consumers, mainly in view of the tranquility that represents that our favorite brand has a prosperous future , growing day by day as it has been doing since its inception in China.

To see the complete list of the Fortune Future 50 of 2020 you can do it from its official website . Through them you will find the 50 most promising companies of the moment listed.

The entry Xiaomi enters the Fortune Future 50 again as one of the companies with the greatest potential was first published in XIAOMIADICTOS: Xiaomi news and news website .


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